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Anna and Zoe's Engagement

9 . 11. 2016

I met Anna and Zoe back when I was a sophomore in college up ​at NAU in Flagstaff. I actually met them both through my sister and soon became fast friends with Anna in particular. We bonded over our shared hilarity and personality to the point where I started calling her,

"Sistaaaah" 💕

When she asked her lovely girlfriend Zoe to marry her, I was so happy for the both of them and could not wait for the big day! When they asked me if I would travel to flag and take their engagement photos, I was so completely honored. I absolutely said yes and on a somewhat cloudier day, we drove up and found some pretty yellow flowers to frolick in and walked to find an open field with the San Francisco Peaks in the background. It was a wonderful experience, one I will surly remember for a long time! 

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