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Ashley and Josh's Sunset Shoot

4 . 15. 2016

These two! Oh man, where do I start?! Ashley and I have been friends since I was 7 and she was 9, so we are going on almost 20 years now! You might recognize her name, because she is the older sister of Lindsey who I took photos of with her SO just a while back!  They are both extremely important to me and so when they have moments in their life that they want to document, I show up with my camera. For this particular photoshoot, I accomplished one of my favorite sunset photos to date. We were at the right place and the right time that's for sure! Ashley and Josh have been together for four years now and I have really enjoyed getting to know them throughout the years and to watch them grow as a couple. Bright things are in their future and I will be ready with my camera when those times come. Love you guys!  

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