watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Ashlyn and Ryan's Wedding at The Cottage

9 . 28. 2018

After their adorable first look, the three of us walked around a beautiful garden area in Gilbert for their couples photos. We found a fun white picket fence to photograph in front of and a nice little nook of trees and plants. Afterwards, we moved on to their wedding party photos. Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen were good natured and we had a blast play around with poses.  

After we finished with all their photos, we all headed to The Cottage for their wedding ceremony. There is always a mad dash to get everything ready before, but with the help of The Cottage's employees, everything ran extremely smooth. I positioned myself at the last row of chairs and awaited Ashlyn's entrance with her dad at her side. With my lens fixed on Ryan, I watched as his face beamed with happiness as he saw his soon to be wife walk down the aisle towards him. With a handshake and a hug, Ashlyn's father sat down and the ceremony began. It was a lovely ceremony centered around their beliefs and love for one another. I was very honored to be witness to it all. 

With an, 

"I do,"

the exchanging of rings and a kiss, they clasped hands and walked together as husband and wife as those closest to them clapped and cheered.  The reception that followed consisted of delicious food, speeches from loved ones, cheers, and dancing underneath glowing sparklers. These two were deserving of a romantic wedding, and that is exactly what they got. ❤️ 

The sun was shinning down bright and warm the afternoon of Ashlyn and Ryan's wedding. The groomsmen were huddled in a circle as the bridesmaids were placing the boutonnières upon their shirts. There was laughter and anxious conversation as we awaited Ashlyn's arrival for their first look. As Ryan turned away from the street, I kept a careful eye out for Ashlyn while maintaining conversation to help keep the energy light because I could tell Ryan was a little nervous. Having taken their engagement photos, I knew we were in for a cute and fun wedding day and I was not disappointed. As she walked up, glowing in her gorgeous wedding gown, I set up for the first look and stated snapping away.