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Ashlyn and Ryan's Papago Park Engagement

6 . 02. 2018

Ashlyn and Ryan were the second couple to book me through my Knot website and came to me with a smaller budget in mind. When I heard their story and met with them in person, I of course wanted to provide my wedding photography services for them and their families. They have a two year old son who is just the cutest and their wedding sounds incredibly sweet and personal. When they said they couldn't afford engagement photos, I got to thinking. 

"Hey Ashlyn! I know you and Ryan didn’t want to spend money on an engagement so I wanted to see if you guys were free the first weekend in June for a free session?"

A little while later I received a text, 

"That’s seriously so nice of you! I would love that, thank you so much ❤️It really means a lot to us ❤️"

These are the kind of reasons, I do what I do. I love to make people smile and give them something that they can cherish! They are getting married in September, and I absolutely can not wait! 

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