watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Mia & Mario's Wedding at the Lost Dutchman

1 . 11. 2019

While we waited for Mia and her family to arrive, I hung out with Mario and his family. Mario and I walked around the park and found the perfect spot for their ceremony to take place and began setting up their decorations. We snapped some family photos and then showcased his blue velvet suit in some fashion inspired photos. When Mia arrived, I walked with Mario, carefully placing him so she wouldn't see him before their first look. And then, placed back to back, Marios eyes closed and a smile across Mia's face, they turned to see each other. Smiles, laughter, hugs and kisses were had. 

After their first look, we walked over to the ceremony spot where they were greeted with cheers of excitement from their families and we settled into place for the ceremony. With her brother officiating, they stood hand in hand sharing smiles between them. Mario began his vows to Mia, 


To which everyone, including Mia, smiled and laughed. They exchanged rings and Mario presented Mia with a special set from his mother. And then finally, they sealed everything off with a kiss!   

I met Mia and Mario the week before their wedding on a warmer January afternoon. A young couple very much in love, we sat down and talked about their small intimate desert wedding. Being both from Chicago, the desert landscape would be very different and I was really excited to capture their wedding day with the Superstition Mountains being their backdrop to the ceremony. Come Friday, we all met up at the Lost Dutchman State Park.

With the pump of a fist from Mario, they were congratulated by family with hugs and laughter. After some family photos, we ventured into the desert for some warm, romantic couples photos. The desert didn't disappoint. 


To Mia and Mario!