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I am happy you are here!

Let's be real. Planning a wedding is hard 🤷🏻‍♀️Finding, searching and deciding on your vendors, is mind boggling. It can get really overwhelming, really quickly. Believe me because I have just finished planning my wedding 🤪Let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for all of you newly engaged people ❤️But if I was able to do it, you will be able to!

I created Nelson Cinematic because I absolutely adore taking photos and getting to meet a lot of very special people. I have always strived to capture memories, and your authentic "aww" moments, but now that I have experienced my own wedding day, I can appreciate weddings in a whole new way. Everyone rallying around you and your soon to be spouse radiates a love I have never experienced until 2.21.20. 

Whether you are throwing a massive get together with all of your friends and family, or putting together a smaller, more intimate wedding day, no day will come close in comparison. I have always loved capturing weddings in a documentary fashion. I don't do super posed photos but instead I like to capture moments as they happen. I don't lay out intricate patterns with bobbins, ribbon and invitations, but instead photograph the small details in their true and simplistic form.


I love working with movement and motions instead of stiff poses. I strive to make you laugh and smile in your most authentic ways. I find happiness in capturing your true memorable moments and you can trust me to never miss those candid and spontaneous memories.

Wether you have all of this wedding planning business figure out, or if you are as lost as I was when it comes to planning, I am here to help with all your wedding photography wants and needs. 

Thanks for being here, 

Elizabeth Nelson - Owner & Principal Photographer 

get to know me

What is your favorite place to visit?

My family cabin in Michigan!! It is tiny with no wifi, no A/C or heating besides a stone fireplace, and sits on a magical lake called Walloon. It is my paradise! 

What I love most about my job?

Every single one of you! I get to meet tons of amazing people, photograph them on one of their most special and memorable days and provide them with photos to last a life time! Who wouldn't love be a wedding photographer?! Y'all make it all worth it, for real!! 🙌🏼

What is your favorite season?

Hands down, fall and winter! Here in AZ we don't get the 4 seasons, but there is something special about how fall and winter feel here. I'm a sucker for snow and cold weather though, so I'd love to eventually live in a place with 4 seasons! 🍁☃️

If I could give newly engaged couples one piece of advice...

Take it all in. With all of the planning, your actual wedding day will go faster than a blink. Be present in the quiet moments and take conscious moments to really take your wedding day in during the chaos. And while you are planning, have FUN! It can be too serious sometimes, so pause, hug your soon to be spouse and laugh! Trust me. 😉 

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