watercolor floral vector art

I met Dayana and Eric out at the Lost Dutchman state park on Halloween evening! These two are tying the knot this month in a western theme and they wanted a location that reflected that, so what better place than out in the desert near the Superstition Mountains?! 

When I met them, they shared a little bit more about how they met, their wedding plans and how they hadn't had professional photos taken before! It's always extra special to work with a couple who haven't had professional photos, so we chatted about their vibe and I asked Dayana if she had any Pinterest inspiration. Which she did! 

With the sun setting slowly, the desert lit up and these two were snuggled up for their session. They mentioned that they aired on the more serious side when it came to taking photos, which helped me pose them in ways that made them feel comfortable. We also recreated some poses that Dayana had found which were quite fun!

10 . 31. 2019

Dayana & Eric's Engagement at the Lost Dutchman

I seriously had the most fun with these love birds and I couldn't be happier for them! Here is to Dayana and Eric! 🥂