watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Deyna and Tom's Backyard Wedding

8 . 18. 2018

Two months after their engagement session, I drove down to Tucson for their wedding day. Although it started out a little rough, the day seemed to get back on track very quickly. Deyna and I wandered around the property to find a perfect place to showcase her adorable wedding dress. After being called inside, I took creative liberty and played around with the rings, bouquet and shoes. It was a lot of fun!

When I moved back down to Phoenix from Flagstaff, I was in desperate need of finding a new place to get waxed, and not your typical franchised salon. I had one too many experiences with those kinda places and I wanted to go local. Through a friend I found Deyna. She was just the kinda person I was looking for! She was kind, understanding, quick and painless! From my first appointment I was hooked and I knew I would be a frequent and recurring customer. Not only is Deyna super professional, but she is down to earth and truly someone I look forward to seeing. We are able to talk about personal stuff and I even confided in her when I quit my full time job in order to pursue my photography full time. A couple months ago I came in for my appointment and we got to talking. We always start off with,

"So what's new? How are things?"

And her new thing was that she got engaged! After telling me all about how it happened and me gushing over her ring, we came around to the topic of wedding photography. Naturally I asked if she had anyone in mind and she said, actually you. With a huge grin I congratulated her and said I would be so honored to take her wedding photos! Clapping her hands, we scheduled time for a summer evening engagement shoot! Hot and humid, we made it through an adorable engagement session and they even brought their pup along!

Once all the details were taken care of, the bride and groom got ready and people started to arrive. As everyone took their seats, Tom walked with his best man and "vest" man to the front of the aisle. He waited patiently and then lit up as he saw Deyna and her daughter walking arm and arm out of the house. Deyna beamed up at him as she got closer and after a quick hug from her daughter, they stood side by side, staring into each others eyes. A short ceremony, an "I do" and a kiss later, the raised their hands as husband and wife! I whisked them away for some quick husband and wife photos as the last bits of golden hour slipped under the horizon. And from their, they enjoyed the rest of their wedding day surrounded by close friends and family!