watercolor floral vector art

Elizabeth and Mike met up with me in downtown Phoenix to take their engagement photos. I had met Elizabeth several months before when we sat down in a coffee shop to talk all about their wedding day and more about how she and Mike met. 

They walked up to me in hand in hand and we took a little stroll to find a good mural to start with. Downtown Phoenix has become very popular for it's murals, so I was very excited to get the chance to photograph in front of some amazing pieces of art. 

We came across a perfectly modern mural full of misshapen circles and textured windows right behind the coffee shop mon orchid! It was a great place to begin their engagement session. Then we went for a little stroll and found a stone textured wall, a very bright and colorful garage door mural and then a sidewalk that was being perfectly lit by the sunset and was just waiting for them to walk hand in hand.

As the sun began to set, we ventured back towards Rosevelt street where there is an amazing bird and butterfly mural. It faces directly into the sun, so as it sets, it becomes perfectly golden and the colors turn more vibrant. I snapped one of my favorite photos ever there with Elizabeth and Mike! They stood, snuggling into one another in front of the brightly colored butterfly wings and just softly smiled at one another. It was an intimate moment with a powerful symbol behind them. 


They are tying the knot in December and I couldn't be more happy to photograph their wedding! They are such a sweet, smiling and madly in love couple! Here is to Elizabeth and Mike!

10 . 6. 2019

Elizabeth & Mike's Downtown Engagement