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Anahi and Antonio's Mt. Lemon Engagement

9 . 28. 2019

Anahi and Antonio are the sweetest couple! I made the drive to Tucson to photograph their engagement on the gorgeous Mt.Lemon and boy was it worth the two and a half hour drive out there! We meet up at Windy Point Vista, along with a whole bunch of other people there to enjoy the views. I don't blame them because it was stunning up there!!

They walked over to me hand in hand, Anahi in a sparkling long dress and Antonio in a crisp white button down. We shook hands and introduced ourselves and from those first few interactions I could tell that this session was going to be special! 

As we got to know one another, we scouted for the best spot to begin their session with a little more privacy, so we ventured to a path less travelled by everyone else around us. I learned more about Antonio and how he coaches little kids in soccer and how Anahi is in school studying to be a dental hygienist! As we began their photoshoot, they giggled with one another, shared some smooches and lot's of smiles! 

As the sun began to set, we were graced with a spectacular array of colors. There were just enough clouds in the sky to create a little texture and the light bounced off of them in such a dreamy way. Antonio and Anahi snuggled up close on a rock outcropping where they could look down on the valley below while the sun warmed their backs. 

Once the sun peaked back from behind the clouds, the sky erupted in golden light. They changed into more casual outfits and Anahi's white dress was a perfect compliment to the setting sun! More smiles, giggles and twirls commenced before we settled on a larger rock to watch the sun dip below the horizon and create a deep red and orange sunset. It was truly the best sunset I have seen in a while! 

As we walked back to our cars at the end of the session, I asked to hear their proposal story! ​Antonio popped the question on a family trip to Europe right in front of a sparkling Eiffel Tower and Anahi shared with me some photos his family members had taken of the proposal! It was so sweet!! 

After chatting a little bit more, we parted ways with hugs!! I love when session starts out with handshakes and end in hugs! 

Here is to Anahi and Antonio and the wonderful and lovely adventure their are on together! 🎉