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watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Amy & Antoine's Wedding

2 . 10. 2019

Their friends graciously hosted the wedding at their recently finished estate and wow did they do an amazing job. From the moment I saw all of the details, from the bright color of Amy's bouquet to the signature black frosted wedding cake, to the lavender sprigs on each dinner set, it all stood out beautifully. 

Guests started arriving as Amy was getting ready. Her hands decorated in henna, her pink hair pinned back and hair-sprayed up captured her rocker personality. With some rock inspired music playing in the background, her friends helped her with her makeup and jewelry and her mom helped zip Amy into her wedding dress. A special bond connecting the two of them since Amy was wearing her mothers wedding dress.

I met with Antoine and Amy a couple days before their wedding to solidify their wedding timeline and their photography wants and needs. They spoke excitedly about everything that was going to be happening on their big day. Since it is becoming more popular for backyard weddings, I was particularly excited to shoot theirs because of how they spoke of the house they were going to be having the ceremony. 

As the sun set, their guests took their places as Antoine waited at the top of the stairs for his bride to make her entrance. Their ceremony as quick and too the point and sealed with a kiss! Then they joined their guests and enjoyed the rest of their wedding day with those closest to them. 

To Amy and Antoine!