watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Lisa & Ryan's Boojum Tree Wedding

12 . 09. 2018

Once they were both dressed and ready to walk down the aisle, their family took their seats and awaited their arrival. Soft strums from the acoustic guitarist sung out as Ryan made his way down where his brother stood to officiate their wedding. A slight change in music and Lisa appeared with her mom. A huge smile spread across Lisa's face once she saw Ryan and you could tell this was the moment her nerves left and were replaced with happiness and love for the man she was to walk towards. 

A sweet ceremony, a couple of tears and moments of laughter, they sealed their vows with a kiss and were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Given. With cheers and whoops from their family members they walked down the aisle as husband and wife. After a few emotional words from Ryans brother, a toast and family photos, I whisked them off for couples photos. We ventured around the gorgeous Boojum and even took a brief trip to the tropics for a moment of dancing among the green trees. 

Lisa and Ryan are a sweet couple very much in love. When Lisa reached out to me about her very small, intimate wedding at the Boojum Tree venue, I couldn't have imagined such a wonderfully sweet wedding day. On a slightly chilly December morning, I ventured out to capture their day. There was a calm atmosphere about the morning that could only be explained by both Lisa and Ryans cool and collected demeanor. Even though Lisa was nervous, she carried herself tall with all smiles and laughter.

With all photos taken and the sun warming the day, the newlyweds and their family went off to celebrate the rest of the wedding day together. 


To Lisa and Ryan!