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Jessica & Jeff's Wedding at the Wigwam

10 . 25. 2019

You all remember Jessica and Jeff! These two lovebirds tied the knot at The Wigwam on a perfect October day here in Arizona. Having gotten to know the two of them during their engagement,  I was thrilled to see them again on their wedding day!

When I got to the Wigwam, Jessica was getting her makeup done and so I grabbed her dress, the rings and some of her other wedding day essentials for some detail shots she had requested. I love when brides want the details captured because they can so easily be forgotten and it is so fun to get creative with all the little things you bring with you one your big day. 

Once the details were captured, I headed over to where Jeff and his best man were getting ready. They were full of jokes as they put the finishing touches on their outfits. Jeff looked handsome in a classic tux with a twist. He wore a burgundy jacket instead!

Once he was dressed, I headed back over to Jessica in time for her to slip into her wedding dress and get some classically elegant photos of her in the most stunning wedding dress I have seen. Her sister and mother helped lay out her flowing train, put her bracelet and vail on. When she was all dressed up, she looked stunning! Now all they had to do was get married!

Their ceremony was short, sweet and emotional. Jeff got teary eyed as Jessica walked down the aisle with her dad. Thankfully his best man was ready with a handkerchief. They read personal vows to one another and then sealed it with a kiss. But wait! The rings?! In a cute mishap, they didn't exchange rings before having their first kiss, so they rewound, exchanged their rings and then had an official newlywed kiss! 

They walked hand and hand down the aisle as husband and wife, smiling from ear to ear. We whisked them away for some bridal photos before the sun went down, and boy oh boy were they amazing.

Once the sun had set, Jessica had her dress bustled before their grand entrance, which lead into a sweet first dance, followed by some emotional dances with their parents. 

Then the music picked up and the party started! Talk about a dance party! Everyone got up and boogied from the first song, to the last! It was incredible to be a part of and I am so beyond happy for Jessica and Jeff Gonzales!!

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