watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Ben & Kenzi's Wedding at The Japanese Friendship Garden

1 . 20. 2019

Before their ceremony, I was able to spend some time with Kenzi as her sister and mother helped her into her stunning blush wedding gown. She stood in front of a window, the afternoon light glowing upon her. As they finished buttoning her in, I was able to snap a few photos of just her in the garden of the Tea House before her first look with Ben. While she waited in the Tea House, I grabbed Ben and brought him over, having him stand with his back to the House. Kenzi walked over and tapped him lightly on the shoulder. As he turned to see his soon to be wife, a smile broke across his face.

When their first look was finished, we had some time before their ceremony. Staying within the privacy of the Tea House grounds, we were able to snap some couples photos. The sun peaked out from behind the clouds long enough to cast some afternoon sun down onto them, making them glow. For their ceremony, they stood in front of their loved ones, while Kenzi's father officiated. He read aloud some advice and words from family, and then Kenzi and Ben exchanged hand written vows. They spoke of promises and shared in some memories before exchanging rings, and sealing everything with a kiss.  

Ben and Kenzi tied the knot at the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix on a beautifully cloudy Arizona afternoon. Their intimate wedding included close friends and family, and those of who traveled far and wide to attended their wonderful day. I arrived at the garden a little before Kenzi and took the garden in. It was still open to the public, but people were slowly making their way out, and soon the garden became quiet. 

After walking down the aisle as husband and wife, we took some family photos and then, with light clouds above, we took some moody couples photos. With a dip, we finished and set off to The Vig, where food was waiting. The evening ended with the appearance of a Blood Moon and some romantic night photos. 


To Ben and Kenzi!