Johnny and Kassi's Wedding

12 . 29. 2016

So on a snowy winter day, I drove up to flagstaff to take their wedding photos. As a photographer, we push through the elements and even have to work through a cold and ironically I was nannying at the time and was catching all of the colds I hadn't had in years. When I got to the house where their wedding was to take place, I saw her mom and family making traditional tamales, salsa and other delicious meals. After the ceremony, I went over to grab a quick bit and Johnny came over to warn me of  how hot the food was. As one who does not prefer spicy food, I was slightly hesitant but my hunger rose up. It tasted amazing!! My sister laughed because she loves hot food and even for her it was a bit much. I guess because of my cold, it evened it out and we all got a huge laugh. We spent the night chatting, dancing and eating, making memories that would last forever. 

As most of my stories start, I met Johnny and Kassi way back in college. My sister knew Johnny because they shared the same classes and they all got to know each other quite well. I became friends with them after I left college and realized that I had a lot more in common with the two of them then I thought. Johnny and I bonded over our shared interests in fitness and have since became close friends who help keep each other accountable. Through my friendship with Johnny I got to know Kassi a lot more and realized how sweet and easy to talk to she was. We have since bonded over shared experiences and I really value them as friends! When I heard they were getting married, I was so happy for them. No two people are better deserving than these!! Because they were both still in school, the wedding was small and intimate and came together with the help of lots of friends and family, including myself. 

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