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I met up with Josie and Chris to chat about their engagement photos a couple months ago and let me tell you, these two are like two peas in a pod. Josie is a touch quieter than Chris who is extroverted and humorous and seems to always be cracking her up, which I just love! 

Wanting a no fuss no muss type of wedding, these two lovebirds decided on an intimate courthouse wedding with their closest friends and family and will be tying the knot on Friday!! Two cheers for them! Hooray, hooray!

For their engagement photos, we headed out to the wonderful Superstition Mountains and adventured off the beaten path a little. ​Josie and Chris snuggled up nice and close enjoying a slightly cooler Arizona evening.


We walked through a cactus field, where as I spoke about watching out for cactus spikes, I ended up catching one in my shoe. Side note, I feel like I shouldn't have to mention this, but I didn't listen to my own advice and wore my burks to the desert. That's a hard no! 😂

Anyways, this is about Josie and Chris! They were naturals in front of the camera during their session! Chris made her laugh like I knew he would, and they both smiled and laughed the entire time. 

10 . 15. 2019

Josie & Chris's Desert Engagement

As the sun began to set, Josie and Chris switched into their bridal attire to take advantage of the amazing scenery for some wedding pictures! 

She stunned in a short lace dress and he looked dapper in slate grey slacks and props to them for changing in their car! The perks of an outside location away from civilization! 😂They twirled, dipped and danced their way through their engagement session and I had such a blast getting to know them a bit more throughout! 

Here is to Josie and Chris and their wonderful adventure!

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