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Kimberly and Jeremy's Engagement at the Salt River

8 . 2. 2019

You. Guys! I am still swooning over Kimberly and Jeremy's engagement at the salt river! I met Kimberly and Jeremy when she won a free engagement session from me and I am so glad that I got to meet the two of them. As soon as they popped out of their car, I could tell they were my type of peeps. Full of good energy and beyond excited to get photos taken. They are both originally from Chicago, and Jeremy currently lives there. They are celebrating their final year of long distance!!! 👏🏼After hearing their story, I knew I was getting to know a unique couple especially when Kimberly shared with me that they were more of an "in the elements" couple. Once I learned that, I knew I wanted to photograph at the Salt River and then she said they love it there, so it was a no brainer! Alas, their session began and from minute one we were all laughing, smiling and within five minutes, the shoes were off and we headed into the water. Like I said, my type of peeps!! 

Throughout the session I got to know them even more and we found common ground in similar likes, such as adventuring and our furbabies. Kimberly and I share in the love of "grooming" our fiancés faces and the fact that they both have the same name! We played around in the water, dodging the fellow river goers throughout the session and even experiencing a true "Instagram vs Reality" moment in which Kimberly asked be photographed. I cracked up! The sun set in a truly, magical Arizona fashion, and we gathered up our shoes and walked up to the parking lot barefoot. By the end of the session we passed around hugs and farewells. I felt as though we parted as friends and couldn't wait to get home to edit and share in my experience with my Jérémy!

A huge, heartfelt, congratulations to Kimberly and Jeremy! Thank you for sharing your story with me and here is to your final year apart and to quote you Kimberly, "to continue to love every minute we're together".