watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Lexi and Chris's Windmill Winery Wedding

8 . 25. 2018

Their wedding took place in Florence, AZ at the Windmill Winery Lake House, a venue I truly could not wait to photograph! At the hotel the bridal party and grooms party were separated by floors and when we got their, the girls were getting their hair and makeup done and the guys were lounging by the pool. It never ceases to amaze me the difference in the getting ready aspects between the bridal party and grooms party! 

Chris walked to the front, high fived, hugged and clapped hands with his groomsmen as they walked down the isle, and then everyone stood. The double doors opened and Lexi and her mother walked arm in arm down the short stair case to her soon to be husband. Their ceremony was sweet and full of laughs, especially after Chris spoke his vows and once he was finished they both instinctively leaned in for a kiss but not before Chris realized where they were and pulled back. Everyone got a big kick out of it! Lexi read her vows to Chris as tears fell from them both and with a grand kiss and a dip, they were pronounced husband and wife!

Lexi and Chris hold a special place in my photographers heart. After launching my business I made several steps to increase my reach and one of those ways was to advertise on Wedding Wire. Lexi was the first bride to reach out to me and who would later on hire me for their wedding! And like all of the brides and grooms and couples I speak with, there is something they say that really resonates with me, and for Lexi, it was when she said this,


"I greatly appreciate that you work with our budget because I want those dream photos, and being on a tight budget makes it a bit difficult."


I know how it feels to be on a budget and that is why it was so important that I work with them to get their wedding photo wants and needs covered no matter what! And I believe we all pulled it off with this wedding!


They were also special because they live in a small town called Morenci, AZ which is quite a ways away from myself and therefore we had to officially meet via a webcam meeting and from there we planned their engagement shoot in Sedona, which was a blast to photograph and then it came time for the big day!

Once 4pm hit, the whirlwind of the wedding day began. We arrived at the Lake House where the women got ready in their Bridal Bungalow and the men got ready in the Grooms Quarters. The race against the clock began as the girls slipped into their dresses and awaited the moment where Lexi would step into her wedding dress. With the help of her mother and the bridesmaids, she stood in front of the towering mirror, a vision of white. Some quick adjustments, some fun bridal party photos and a short walk to the ceremony, it was time. 

After their ceremony we jumped right into group photos and then I whisked them off for their couples photos. We had free reign of the venue because there wasn't another wedding that night, so we ventured around and came across some pretty fun places! My favorite was when we walked to the Lake as the sun was going down. Her dress was illuminated in the setting sun and her vale cast a glow around her face. This is where I slowed down and wanted them to just enjoy so I said, 

 "I want you guys to have fun and just be with each other"

to which Chris turned to Lexi and said, 

"All I want to do is kiss you!"

And so they did!