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Kyle and Lindsay’s Mormon Lake Wedding

6 . 10. 2018

watercolor floral vector art

As the rain picked up into a light drizzle we walked to the ceremony and commenced the family photo taking! A few minutes before the ceremony started, the rain stopped again and the guest took the seats with umbrellas on hand just in case. Kyle awaited anxiously at the alter as Lindsay and her father made their entrance. It was Lindsay's turn to shed some tears as she walked towards Kyle. Standing hand in hand under an enormous pale pink umbrella, they made vows to each other that nearly brought me to tears and then sealed it all off with a kiss.

With arms raised and grins galore, the two walked hand and hand down the aisle as husband and wife. Once they were clear of the ceremony area, they embraced each other in what looked like the tightest hug possible. When they stepped back, I heard, with a chuckle, Kyle say,

"What now?"

I answered back to the both of them,

"You enjoy your party!"

And that they did.

I met Lindsay and Kyle through The Knot website and they turned out to be my very first wedding clients to book me through that site. Meeting them in person, I learned that we lived 5 minutes away from each other and found that it was very easy to talk with them. There wedding venue was up in Northern Arizona, which is where I spent my college years, and an extremely beautiful place to get married.


About a week before the wedding I received a text from Lindsay.

"Hey so we've been keeping track of the weather at Mormon lake lodge and there's a chance it will rain on Saturday :/ would you still be able to take photos?"

"Yes we will work it out!"


Rain is something not uncommon in Northern AZ in the summer time.


"Ah ok great, music to our ears (: thanks!"


It's said rain brings good luck!


The day of, sure enough, dark storm clouds loomed ahead as we made the trek up from Phoenix. Not to worry, it lended a dramatic glow to the scenery. While we were setting up detail shots and preparing for the first look, the rain seised and the clouds created some diffused afternoon light. Even after having gotten to know a little more about Lindsay and Kyle, I was still not prepared for the emotional first look that happened between them. Kyle was brought to tears while Lindsay beamed at her soon to be husband.