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Lindsey and Tanner's at Papago Park

1 . 14. 2018

As I have said before, taking photos is my passion and when I get to take photos of friends and loved ones, it makes it even more special and their is no exception here! I have known Lindsey since she was four years old. When my sister and I moved from Chandler to Ahwatukee, we were six years old and looking to make friends in this strange new town. And sure enough, 12 houses down lived two girls, Ashley and Lindsey. One was two years older than us, and one was two years younger. It was a perfect match. Well not right away. We had to pass a math test in which the only question was, 

"what is a2 + b2?"

To which four year old Lindsey responded,


And since then, the four of us have been practically inseparable. And so when I started taking photos more seriously, I turned to those around me to be my models. And thus Lindsey and Tanner got their photos taken during a gorgeous Arizona sunset. 

Lindsey and Tanner have been together for going on three years now, but they have known each other for much longer. I have been lucky enough to get to know them more as they walk through life together, and I can not wait to see what the future has in store for them! ❤️

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