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Lisa & Wayland's Family Photos

7 . 20. 2018

This desert family photoshoot was such a fun little experience. I actually met Lisa, Wayland and the boys through Karly and Justin, while I photographed their wedding! Wayland was Justin's best man and I worked with Lisa before and during her sister in laws wedding to make sure everything went according to schedule. So when she reached out to me asking for family photos, I of course said yes!

The Arizona desert is such an interesting place and can come alive during the summer months. On this particular day, we were actually graced with cloudy skies and a little cooler weather. The boys were very patient and seemed to enjoy getting out and hanging with mom and dad and even goofing off in some photos! It's always a great experience to meet new people and to photograph their special moments, but it's even more great when you get to help out the family member's of those who you have taken photos of before. Enjoy more photos of this cute family session!