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Maddy and John's Sedona Engagement

9 . 21. 2019

When I got the chance to sit down to meet Maddy and John over the summer, shortly after they had gotten engaged, we chatted back and forth about their story and what they are up to in life. John was pretty quiet throughout, but opened up near the end of our meeting and shared with me the types of dates he had taken Maddy on early on in their relationship.

The two of them mentioned that they were a pretty down to earth kind of couple, and a couple who likes to play pranks and make each other laugh. How perfect is that?! 

While deciding where they wanted to have their engagement photos taken, they mentioned that on one of their earlier dates they had been walking around the mall and saw matching tracksuits and proceeded to buy them right then and there. They asked if, said tracksuits, could make an appearance during their photoshoot and I said, "hell yeah!"  

Come photoshoot day, I meet them at the trailhead to West Fork in Sedona about an hour or so before sunset. The air was just slightly chilly which I knew would lead to the perfect snuggle pictures!

I seriously had such fun with the two of them! They were such naturals in front of the camera, John making Maddy laugh and Maddy bringing a genuine smile to Johns face. She even mentioned as we were walking to another location, that John was being a lot more extroverted and that usually he is a lot quieter. This made my little heart jump for joy!! 

These two will be tying the knot in November 2021 and I couldn't be happier for the two of them! 

Here is to Maddy and John and this wonderful, crazy adventure they are on together 🎉