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Maranda and Louie's Sunrise Engagement

9 . 22. 2019

I met up with Maranda and Louie on a hot summer afternoon. We sat outside and only sort of melted as we chit chatted about how the two of them met and they told me a little bit more about themselves and vice versa. They shared with me their engagement story and how they plan to get married on their 10 year anniversary of being together. How special is that?!

When we got to chatting about their vision for their engagement photos, we decided to head up north to beat the heat. When a chance of rain threatened our first location choice, we switched it up to Buffalo Park in Flagstaff. We decided on sunrise and were not disappointed by it!

I got there a little early and my Phoenician mind forgot what 34 degrees feels like before the sun rises. Wearing jeans and a sweater I tried to tap into my college days of going to NAU and convince myself that I wasn't cold. 😂

Maranda and Louie got to the park just before sunrise with coffees in hand. As we waited for the sun to make its debut, we chatted about their new outfits and the struggles of finding coffee so early in the morning in Flag! They were major troupers when it came to the cold!

We walked around a bit and the sun kept gracing me with it's perfect light so I kept having Miranda and Louie stop to snuggle up. They brought a wrap with them and cuddled up nice and close while the sun shone some slight warmth behind them and then we popped a squat in an open field where the grass was just starting to turn shades of fall. That morning glow, you really can't beat it! ❤️

These two will be tying the knot on their 10 year anniversary and I couldn't be happier for the two of them! 

Here is to Maranda and Louie and this wonderful, crazy adventure they are on together 🎉