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Margaret and Joel's Engagement

12 . 28. 2016

This particular engagement was extremely important to me because the couple getting married was my twin sister and soon to be brother in law. ​Joel and Margaret were together for 5 years when he popped the question. Two weeks before he asked Margaret he reached out to me because he knew how important it was to me. He even asked if I could drive up to Flagstaff to be there when he asked and without hesitation my answer was yes! So right after work, I jumped in my car and drove two hours up to Flagstaff. I almost made a stop at the local Target there to get something but the universe sent me an inkling to go somewhere else. And thank goodness it did so, because shortly after arriving I got a text from Margaret asking me if an outfit she was trying on looked good. Guess where she was?! Target! 

Shortly after that, I met up with Joel and we drove to their house where Margaret was getting ready for a girls night. Little did she know that it was all part of his plan! With a slight winters chill in the air, he walked up to their door and ringed the bell. With soft Christmas music playing and his story cards in hand, like the scene from Love Actually, he waited for her answer.  

With tears in her eyes, she said yes! ​Once the shock had worn off she told us that she didn't even realize he was proposing until half way through his plan. She thought he was just being cute and Christmassy. Two short weeks later, the whole family came together and celebrated Christmas at their house. With the promise of a white Christmas, we waited patiently for the snow to come and when it did, we ventured out for some engagement photos! We braved a mini snowstorm, and reveled in their happiness. Quite a Christmas to remember!