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Najwa & José's Maternity Shoot

7 . 22. 2018

Speaking of friends, Najwa, or Nej, and I have been friends since 6th grade. We were literal BFF's who spent countless school days together whether we had the same class together, lunch or were able to write each other notes to pass back and forth throughout the day. I think I would be a much different person had I not had someone who I was so close to during the most awkward stage of a persons life, middle school. Nej was, and still is, a quiet, good natured soul and she found her soul mate in a gentleman name José. Back in December they found out that God had graced them with a little baby and soon came to find out that they would be having a little baby boy. Angel Ray.  

And on August 16, 2018 they welcomed their little boy into this world. He is already loved by so many and I can not wait to watch him grow up. Congratulations Nej and José, you guys are amazing! ❤️