watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Kortni & Gabe's Gather Estate Wedding

5 . 10. 2019

Come wedding day, I drove out to the Gather Estate where I came upon the set up for the ceremony. Placed on the bright green lawn were multi-colored, vintage chairs. Not one of them was the same. It made me smile and got me excited to capture their wedding day. The rustic charm didn't stop there! Through out the venue, hundreds of candles were set out, and just the right amount of succulent plants accented the decor. Inside, Gabe and Kortni got dressed in their wedding attire. Kortni's wedding dress was a stunning piece from Anthropologies bridal collection and I had a lot of fun photographing her gorgeous make up in front of the perfectly lit curtains. Natural light and white curtains equal a wedding photographers dream environment!

Once dressed for their wedding, Kortni and Gabe shared a first look with each other. Shout out to Gather Estates for their wonderful white brick hallway which made for an excellent first look location. And then from there I got to enjoy some one on one time with the two of them while they cuddled up on their yellow suede couch, got photobombed by friends, and goofed off in front of vibrant purple flowers all before their ceremony. Before the guest started to arrive, Kortni was whisked back to the bridal suite to hide while Gabe went and mingled with family. In the suite, Kortni's girlfriends entertained her with some of her favorite songs and they danced and sang to their hearts content. It was very entertaining! And then it was time for the ceremony!

I met Kortni way back in August of 2018. She reached out through The Knot looking for a photographer to capture her simple, intimate wedding. Both she and Gabe seemed like wonderful people when we sat down to meet in person. We talked about their laid back, rustic wedding and I got to know them a little better as a couple! 

As the guests took their seats, Gabe waited patiently at the front of the aisle for his soon to be wife to walk towards him. With her arm tucked into her fathers arm, Kortni made her way down the aisle as everyone, stood and smiled. During their ceremony, Kortni's favorite uncle sang them the song he wrote on his guitar about their relationship. It had all of us cracking up! Then, they spoke in unison, exchanged rings before sealing it all with a kiss! But before they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, they had three very special people come up to the front to toast the newlyweds. When her dad went up to speak about his little girl, I think he made it two words in before he got teared up. It was a wonderfully sweet moment to behold. With love, comes laughter, and Kortni and Gabe didn't hold back. They cheersed to their marriage and then danced down the aisle as husband and wife!

To Kortni and Gabe!