watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Anabel & Carlos's Wedding

3 . 16. 2019

I had the pleasure of photographing the two of them before their big day as a way to get to know them before photographing them for the first time at their wedding. We ventured to Papago park and both Carlos and Anabel laughed and smiled throughout the session. It put us all at ease knowing how they reacted in front of the camera, so come their wedding day, we were all comfortable!

Come their wedding day, I drove out to where the ladies were getting ready as they put on their final touches and stepped into their delicate pink gowns. The guys hung out, chatted with each other even played video games with the smallest members of the bridal party. When it was time for the ceremony, on a slightly warm Arizona afternoon, a spring breeze graced us with its cooling touch. As Anabel entered the church, everyone stood as she walked down the aisle with her father. Carlos stood proud at the front and watched his soon to be wife walk towards him. They stood hand in hand, shared a moment just the two of them, took communion, signed their marriage license and made promises to each other. They sealed it with a kiss and both walked hand in hand down the aisle as the two happiest people. 

Carlos and Anabel are such a sweet, down to earth couple and two souls I am glad I met. Anabel reached out several months before her wedding seeking a photographer so when we met in person she had a list of questions that I was happy to answer and chat about. She told me about how Carlos and she met and their vision for the big day. It sounded like a wonderfully planned day with two families becoming one. A wedding day full of love and laughter. 

After photographing family and friends, I had the pleasure of snapping the first photographs of Anabel and Carlos as husband and wife. From the ceremony, we all drove to the reception which was being held at ASU Kerr cultural center. Tables and chairs filled the lawn and inside was a large dance floor. They shared their first dance, and held on during their parent dances. The whole day, everyone shared in an overwhelming loving energy for Anabel and Carlos. Throughout the reception, that never ceased. 

To Anabel and Carlos!