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6 ways to Pamper your Wedding Guests

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Everyone loves going to weddings to see their favorite couple say their I do's and seal it with a kiss! But what makes your wedding go down in history, is how you treat your wedding guests!

Sure, most people will ooh and aww at the amazing decoration and center pieces. They will surly snap a million photos of the desert spread and wedding cake and no doubt, they will boogie on down if the music is poppin.

However, incorporating these extra little touches will make your guest feel extra special and thought of, throughout the wedding day!

A Welcome Bag

Welcome bags are a great way to greet your guests when they arrive for your wedding, because chances are, with everything going on leading up to the big day, you might not see them in person right away. These are more commonly given out when you are planning a destination wedding or are for those out of town guests who are traveling for your wedding.

So, what do you put in them you ask? Well, keep it simple and fun and pop on over to read all about it!

Flippy Floppies

We've all be there ladies. We've made the choice of wearing those super cute, instagramable shoes that are oh so uncomfortable after only about an hour of having them on. Getting up from the table and dancing the night away with friends will be the death of your feet. And we haven't quite hit that desperation just yet where taking said heels off seems like a good idea.

Be known as the bride who thought ahead, and provide some cute flip flops for guests to change into! Your ladies will be so thankful and will be able to toss those adorably painful heels aside, and party like it's 1999!!

Cover Ups

Depending on the season you are getting married in, providing cover ups is another way to think ahead for your guests comfort. The last thing you want is for your wedding guests to turn into popsicles while they are watching you say your I do's.

Fun and Games

I don't know about you, but I am always up for a fun lawn game, or an epic throw down of corn hole! Adding in some games to your wedding day festivities is the best way to bring in some friendly competition and guarantee laughter through out the wedding! It's a surefire way to make your wedding go down in memorable history if there are epic gaming moments shared between the families coming together!

Tasty Delights

A wedding wouldn't be a wedding without those mouth watering dinner's and appetizers!! Ok, maybe that's a stretch, but this is an area I wouldn't skimp on while planning, that's for sure!

People will remember how your food tasted, that is pretty much a guarantee! To be memorable in the best way possible, bring in elements of you as a couple when it comes to your food. Have signature drinks for guests to sip on during cocktail hour. Create a desert spread that is drool worthy and has your guests going back for seconds and thirds. Just make sure you have enough! 😉

Cameras Galore

Something that is a super fun element to bring into your wedding day, is to provide your guests with a disposable camera. I know, we are way past the simplistic nature of a disposable camera and maybe some of your guests will be too young to remember them.

However, incorporating a way for your guests to capture their moments, can be hilarious! Or if you don't want to get a disposable camera, get a polaroid camera and let your guests go nuts with it! This is also an excellent idea for a way to have your guests "sign" your guest book! You will have tons of photos to go through and look back on!

Pampering your guests is an excellent way to bring in those extra little things to make them feel wanted and welcome during your wedding day and make your wedding go down in history as the best ever! If your budget allows for any or all of these little things, go for it!

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