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7 Important, and easily forgotten, To-Do's the Week before Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a week away, and although you can be as prepared as possible, some things may still slip through the cracks, Don't let these 7 to do's fall through.

Over communicate with every vendor

Yes, all contacts are signed, and timelines are established, but you need to make sure everything is set in motion up to the last minute so that you aren't the one everyone is running to with questions come your big day. With seven days to go, call every vendor and confirm and then re-confirm all the details.

  • Make sure the capture team has the most recent timeline and the contact info for the DJ so that they can get together during the wedding to make sure everything is happening on schedule for them.

  • Connect with the wedding day coordinator or site manager to make sure they also have the most recent timelines and every single number they might need for the vendors.

  • Ask your catering about final guest counts, extra plates, and vendor meals.

It might seem like overkill, but the last thing you want to deal with, is having different vendors asking you all sorts of questions while you are trying to get ready. Over communicating is the best way to guarantee the least amount of communication with everyone day of, which is what you want. You want things running smoothly so that you can enjoy the day of getting pampered with your best guys and gals before walking down the aisle to say "I do".

Pick out your point people

Along with over communication, designate your point people. These are the ones who will have your phone and be on call if and when things get disrupted day of. If a vendor has a last minute question, they know to contact your point person instead of you to deal with it.

Also, designate people to be in charge of certain things day of. For example, some couples will have a unity ceremony during their wedding ceremony, and with that usually comes items. Make sure your point person knows where they the items are, or who has them and can set everything up before the ceremony so it goes off with out a hitch. Typically a MoH (maid of honor), a bridesmaid or your planner will be the best point person.

Take time for self care

The week before your wedding is going to be stressful, no matter how planned out and prepared you are. You are going to be excited and nervous and happy and sad and all of the emotions out there at some point or another. Take this week for some self care to get you wedding day ready.

  • Enjoy a mani pedi! A two for one in this case. You can rest and relax while you get pampered and you can get your fingers and toes all done up for the big day.

  • Get a blow out to feel fresh and clean. Avoid any major cuts or colors though! If you want to get your hair styled a certain way, have trials a month or so before your wedding to make sure you like it.

  • Get or give yourself a facial. One you know wont effect your skin. A week before is not the time to try any new beauty routines that might cause breakouts, redness or anything worse.

Distribute certain items

A requiring theme of your wedding day, is to have the least amount of responsibility. In order to achieve that, you have to hand off certain things, such as,

  1. Your marriage license. Make sure those documents are given to the officiant or to the coordinator to give to the officiant once it comes time to sign everything.

  2. Your wedding bands. Give these to the best man and MoH or to the ring bearer, so that they are ready to be handed to you during the ceremony.

  3. If you have DIY'd anything, the morning of your wedding is the time to send those off to their respective owner. Typically venue set up staff will be on hand to set everything up the night before or morning of. Have a point person designated to help if need be.

  4. If you have bridal party gifts, or parent gifts, the morning of your wedding is typically a great time to hand those out. Coordinate with your capture team if it is something that you would want photo or video of.

Arrange transportation or help

If you have family members traveling in for your wedding, typically grandparents, make sure you have set up transportation or help for the wedding day. You want them to feel welcome and knowing that they are covered will give everyone piece of mind and make them feel special and a part of your day! Ask friends or family to help with getting them to and from the ceremony or reception.

Prepare your wedding attire

A day or so before your wedding, begin to prep your wedding day attire. For the guys and gals this means hanging out any bridal party attire so that they have time to let out any wrinkles or get steamed. Same goes for the wedding dress and suit. Prep them to the best of your ability the night before so that morning of they are ready to be photographed or filmed by your capture team.

If you have accessories, gather them together so that a tie, watch, necklace or cuff link doesn't get left behind while packing. Especially if you are getting ready a ways away from your home. You don't want to have to make a trip back because of something forgotten.

Rest and Relaxation

And now the final task, rest. Make time to relax the week before your wedding. It is going to be a whirlwind of families coming in to town, last minute errands, rehearsals and parties. You don't want to look tired and overwhelmed come your big day, so plan out time to just be with you and your soon to be spouse. Instead of going out one night with friends, stay in and give each other foot rubs, or back rubs. Make the time to keep each other calm and to get excited about your wedding day instead of stressed.

You've got this!! We are all here to support you and your partner to make your wedding day the most magical ever! Take on each day, the week before your wedding, with a smile and patience and know that in seven days, you will become husband and wife 💍

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