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How should I send my Save the Dates?

You have finally picked a wedding date and booked a venue! Maybe you have told those closest to you all the details, but what about the rest of your guest list? This is where your save the dates come in handy. But how do you send them out?!

Let's talk about your save the dates for a moment. The key bits of information that you need on them are the most important details about your big day including,

  • Your names, so they know who is inviting them!

  • The date. Seems obvious, but let's mention it just in case! 😉

  • The location of your wedding ceremony and reception. If they are happening in the same space, it's still a good idea to write it out.

  • Your wedding website. This is where you will have more detailed information.

Your wedding save the dates can be super fancy or you can do what I did and borrow a friends wedding template and printed them out on card stock that I got from Michels.

Now that we know what goes on your wedding save the date, it's time to figure out how you should send out your save the dates and some pros cons that go with each.

Consider a digital option

We live in 2019, going on 2020 which means we live in the world of technology and it's digital ways just might be the perfect answer to "how should I send out my save the dates?"

You may or may not have heard of Paperless Post or any Evite websites that specialize in sending out digital invitations of all kinds. For the tech savvy, this might just be for you! Specifically with Paperless Post, you can create your wedding save the date with an online template, where you can collect RSVP's and follow up your save the date with a wedding invitation all through email!

This kind of platform makes it very easy and has a lot of beautiful designs, but, like most things there are some problems with sending your invitation digitally. Because firewalls get stronger and stronger, you might run into people not receiving their invites because it was blocked or sent to spam. The trouble of then having to help your guests find their invites in their emails become more of a headache.

Also, something I didn't know is that these platforms, although are great because they are simple and quick, aren't always free. Depending on the save the date template that you choose, it can cost the same or more as spending money on postage and physically sending them out.

Mailing them the old fashion way

Who remembers going to the post office or walking to your local blue postal box to send out a letter? When I was a kid, there was one at our local park and when ever we needed to send a card out, my sister and I would walk down there and drop it in. Or at Christmas when it was time to send out holiday cards, we would go with my mom to the post office and drop them in through the tiny silver slot while watching everyone in line send out their big boxes of holiday cheer.

In regards to your wedding save the dates though, sending your cards through the mail might just be your answer. If you are like me, I had a very simple card, it wasn't at all heavy so regular postage covered the cost. It also allowed me the peace of mind to know that everyone would receive their save the date because they were getting a physical copy. Plus its fun knowing that your guest could stick your card on a fridge if it has a photo of you and your soon to be spouse on it!

There is also the idea of hand delivering them if you have a small enough wedding guest count, but consider the time and gas money it takes to hand them out personally!

At the end of the day, sending out your save the dates is the best way to insure that you get the most RSVP's so that you can accurately guess how many people will be showing up to your wedding.

Wether or not you choose to send them digitally or manually, is up to you! Hopefully, this has helped you answer the question of "how should I send out my save the dates?".

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