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Photographing at the Salt Flats - Making a dream of mine come true

Well it's been about a year since I last opened up my blog site to sit down to write, so why not start here? 😍

When I first learned of the salt flats out in Utah, I knew it was a place I wanted to photograph at. Just like the sand dunes, there is something that fascinates me about the barren, open landscape of these locations. It brings to mind the fact that you can't hide anything in the photos. Every little thing will pop out!

Once I had decided to make a trip out there I needed the perfect model to bring my vision to life and who better to reach out to than a beautiful soul who I also consider a friend! I knew of Hannah before I got the chance to met her in real life. She is an amazingly talented singer based in Utah and I truly am in love with her music. Let me tell you now that if you like Ariana Grande or Alicia keys or Billie Ellish, Hannah Aurora is your gal 100% !

A couple of months ago I got to meet Hannah in person and she was just as amazing as I imagined. Serious fan girl over here, so when she was down for being my model at the flats I was literally over the moon excited. Now that I had the model, I needed the perfect dress and a gown rental in Arizona provided their Galaxy dress which was just stunning out in the white flats.

Once I landed in Utah I drove out to the flats around 10am and was surprised at just how beautiful they were even into the near mid afternoon light. The sun brought out every sand granule and it looked as if it were almost sparkling which made me even more excited to photograph. After having some fun with my own self portraiture, it was time to start the photoshoot with Hannah at sunset and let me tell you, it got very popular out there. You are allowed to drive out there and people will take full advantage of that so be aware if you adventure out.

Even with its popularity there is still a special uniqueness to the flats. The sun sets near the mountains and a sunset haze settles into the space between you and the vast landscape. It really does place you into an otherworld sense of mind, at least for me.

So as the sun began its descent, we started dancing around, the salt cracking beneath our bare feet. Hannah glowed in her galaxy dress, twirling about with the long train dancing behind her, the sun bouncing off the stars. It truly made me come alive to be finally photographing at a dream location of mine. I was finally photographing at the Salt Flats.

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