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The Importance of a Wedding Day Photo Checklist 📝

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Your wedding day has been planned down to the letter, but once your day comes, it will go by in a blink of an eye. The last thing you want to happen is for certain photographic moments to go unnoticed and not captured.

Chances are, you have meet with your photographer and have spoken a lot about your wants and needs for your wedding day. You'll have gone over the timeline so that everything is synced up and maybe you have given them a list of the family photos you want taken after the ceremony.

But what about for the rest of the day? During your getting ready moments or right before you walk down the aisle? What about the details of your day or certain ceremony aspects and reception goodies?

During the rush and nervousness of it all, it can be hard to keep everything you wanted captured, in mind. So, prior to your day, discuss these with your photographer and capture team. Check out this wedding photo day checklist to help keep everything organized!

Bridal party photos

If you are having bridesmaids and groomsmen stand up with you on your wedding day, chances are you are all going to be getting ready and hanging out together before the ceremony. There are a lot of opportunities for photos to be taken which means your photographer should know of any moments that you wanted snapped.

If you are a tight nit group of friends you may be handing out little gifts or cards to them and you want their reactions captured. Or maybe you are going to be playing games or raising a toast! These are those little moments that, if they are not photographed, you might look back through your wedding photos and get a touch disappointed.

Your Ceremony

Typically the moments captured during your ceremony are going to be everyone walking down the aisle, the two of you holding hands at the front, rings being exchanged, vows being read, the first kiss and then the two of you walking down the aisle as newly weds!

However, some couples like to add in special moments during their ceremony, such as unity ceremonies, or cultural traditions that we, as your capture team, may not be familiar with. The last thing you want, is for your photographer to be unprepared and miss the moment.

The best way to ensure that all moments are captured, is to sit down with your capture team and let them know about any and all moments that will be happening and when, during your ceremony.

Your Reception

Like your ceremony, the reception is another photographic goldmine! Typical moments captured are, your grand entrance, the first dance, parent dances, speeches, bouquet and garter toss, and cake cutting. Oh and dancing obvi!!

However, this is another one of those times that moments could be missed if you haven't spoken with your capture team. Once everything has been decided on, think about your reception and all of the moments that you want to be able to look back on for years to come.

I had a bride who had mentioned to me in secret during one of our meet ups, that during the garter toss, she was going to have the best man dress in tights and a tool skirt to trick her soon to be spouse into thinking it was her. He would be blindfolded and she wanted to capture his reaction ones he got the garter off. Having this knowledge, it made it very easy to capture and boy was it worth it!! Hilarious!!

All the other details

Because we live in a world where there are endless places to find inspiration, one of the things I ask of all of my couples, is the importance of the little details on their wedding day. One quick Pinterest search and you will be flooded with how ideas regarding the perfect center piece, or how to make your own DIY doughnut wall.

During your wedding day, don't forget about those small details, if they are important to you. If you want those dreamy photos of your dress hung in the perfect light and your shoes laid down with flower petals and ribbon, mention it to your capture team. If have that perfectly posed photo of you putting on a necklace or spritzing your wedding day perfume, speak up! We want you to have those photos if they are going to mean a lot to you. Some couples are ok without them, and that is fine as well!

The easiest way for you to get all of the moments and memories captured, is to go over a wedding day photo checklist with your capture team a month or so before your wedding. That way we know where the importance of photography is and what makes the checklist and what doesn't!

Download your wedding day photo checklist! 📝

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