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Rachel and Kevin's South Mountain Engagement

3 . 17. 2019

Taking engagement photos are some of my favorite photography sessions. In a few hours, I get to learn a lot about the couple I am photographing and we all get to really play around with creativity in a very open way.


I love to see how the couple interacts with each other, to see their mannerisms and quirks that are unique to only them. When I get the chance to photograph friends, it makes the session even more special. Kevin and Rachel's engagement session out on South Mountain, was one of those very special sessions.


Not only are they close friends, but I have been able to watch their relationship grow, adapt, and open up to love over the years. I was even there when Kevin popped the question! I hid in a bush and waited for them to appear at the chosen location and snapped away as a shocked Rachel said yes!  

Being a part of their journey is an honor, and I am extremely excited for them and over the moon happy that these two will be married!  

Congrats to you, Rachel and Kevin!!

Having the chance to take their engagement photos was a highlight for me! We were able to adventure out to a new part of the Phoenix Valley, South Mountain, and got to explore the open desert.


We laughed, talked about what the future holds for us all and soaked up the warm Arizona sunlight. I couldn't have asked for a better day, a more perfect location or a more adorable couple!

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