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Sarah and Lewis's Backyard Wedding

5 . 29. 2016

I have known Sarah since I was freshman in college. We met up in Flagstaff in a video class. She was a sorority girl with a lot of personality and I was a shy freshman who was trying to find out who she wanted to be when she grew up. I quickly bonded with Sarah and got to know her through out our four years of school. We came to each other with crushes, boyfriend troubles, school work, personal challenges and more. I took Sarah's senior photos and managed to take photos of her and her English boyfriend before leaving school. Lewis was somewhat uncomfortable in front of the camera, but I did my best to make them both smile and have fun! 

Junior year, Sarah went and travelled to England for study abroad and that is when she met and fell in love with Lewis. After returning back to the states, they maintained a long distance relationship for a year until she graduated. We walked graduation together, and then a couple months later, she moved to England. While living over there, Lewis popped the question and Sarah of course said yes. They both traveled back to celebrate with their loved ones and I was fortunate enough to be asked to take their engagement photos and of course I said yes!

They tied the knot on a cloudy, rainy day in England surround by close friends and family. They later flew back to Arizona to celebrate their marriage by throwing a backyard reception. I was again asked if I could take some photos and of course I said yes. Sarah and Lewis beamed the entire evening and the sunset was magical. Weddings are always special to photograph, but when they are your close friends, they leave a certain mark on your heart. They have been married for sometime now, and are expecting their first child. I am honored to call these two my friends! 

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