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Shelby and Trent's Engagement at the Salt River

9 . 8. 2019

Everyone, meet Shelby and Trent! These California love birds are newly engaged and new to the valley of the sun! These two are the definition of adorable and madly in love ❤️I had the ultimate pleasure of getting to know them while photographing this special moment in their relationship. 

When we were discussing the perfect location to shoot their engagement photos, I suggested the salt river as an option as well as a few other spots. At first, they picked the Boyce Thompson Arboretum but the day before their photoshoot, Shelby reached out to me because Trent and her sister had somewhat convinced her to change the location to the salt river and she wanted my opinion. 

Being totally obsessed with the salt river these days, I said I would be totally up to switch to the river for their engagement photos. So come Sunday evening, I drove out to the Phon D Sutten recreation area only to find it absolutely PACKED with people enjoying the water. 

But have no fear! I got their early and texted them to see if they were up to exploring a little farther up the river where there were less people. They were up for it! The area we ended up photographing at was a little more secluded but still just as gorgeous and these two love birds went along with my adventuring into the water!

One of the things I love most about meeting new couples, are their stories. And with Shelby and Trent, water plays an important roll in their meeting!


"Trent and I actually met and started dating when we were on the same swim team so lots of our first dates were at lakes and beaches. It could be a nice reminder of how far we’ve come to take them there!"

And because they are new to the valley, we couldn't not take advantage of the amazing surrounding desert for some playful engagement photos! We adventured away from the recreation site and popped off the side of the road where this amazing open area was just waiting for us to come frolic in!

Shelby changed into a bright red, flowy dress, that was just too perfect for her own good! Against the warm desert background, she and Trent goofed off with one another as the sun set behind them!

And because there are just too many great areas, before the sun had a chance to dip completely away, we drove to the Granite Reef area for some dreamy sunset photos along the river. I kept saying it didn't even feel like we were in Arizona anymore! 

Here is to Shelby and Trent and this amazing adventure they are on together!! 🤗

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