watercolor floral vector art
watercolor floral vector art

Anna and Curtis's Arrowhead Country Club Wedding

11 . 17. 2018

After sitting down and meeting her in person, I could tell that her wedding was going to be special because even though she had been stressed, she was still smiling and excited to chat about her big day. Since I had a wedding earlier that same day, Sam, my trusted photographer, would take photos until I got there. 

With everything sealed with a kiss, we dashed off for family photos and some romantic couples photos before the sun set. With the help of Sam, my amazing second photographer, the night became even more special when he brought out his fairy lights. While lighting up their smiles, Anna and Curtis shared some intimate moments together before heading off to enjoy their family, fun filled wedding reception. 

Anna reached out to me only a couple weeks before her wedding, somewhat desperate for a wedding photographer. I was immediately intrigued and asked her to tell me her story. Long story short, she had been in communication with another photographer and then suddenly the emails stopped coming, as did the phone calls. A month went by and she hadn't heard a word so she was back a square one looking for a photographer. That's when she stumbled upon my site and I was more than open to helping her. 

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, laughter, lots of hugs and many memories.


To Anna and Curtis!