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I met up with Tiffany and Dustin to take their engagement photos at the Gilbert Riparian Preserve only to show up to a completely packed parking lot and hundreds of Pokemon Go players! I guess there was a community day happening and so the park was full to the brim. 

But not to worry! Tiffany and Dustin were champs and we powered though finding some nice secluded spots to take their engagement photos. We chatted the entire time, getting to know one another better, laughing and swapping stories about our soon to be spouses. 

These two snuggled up close throughout their session and Dustin did a wonderful job bringing a smile to Tiffany's face that lead to the most adorable photos between them. They shared with me how he popped the question and their two year anniversary on a trip to Colorado. It was such a sweet story and I love to hear all of the fun ways people get engaged! 

We don't really get fall in AZ but you wouldn't really know that based on the wonderful warm desert glow that the sun gives off right before sunset. Also, the wildflowers and desert grass lit up as it set. Tiffany and Dustin dressed in some fall colors and you wouldn't have known that there wasn't a cool fall breeze based on the photos! 😉

10 . 20. 2019

Tiffany & Dustin's Engagement at the Riparian Preserve

As the sun set, we made our way back around where we started to grab a couple final photos before the sun went to bed and man was it beautiful. I'll never get tired of that golden hour and the wonderful couples I get to photograph!!

Here is to Tiffany and Dustin and this wonderful adventure they are on together!! 

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