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Tracy and Naz tied the knot on a cool October evening at the Johnson Ranch Golf Club in front of their family and friends. I met up with the two of them a couple months before their wedding and they were super laid back with all things to do with their wedding. I could tell that they were simply happy with the idea of becoming husband and wife. 

So come wedding day, they shared a emotional first look with one another and we snapped a couple of photos just the two of them before their ceremony. With a slight Disney theme surrounding their wedding, I searched for their hidden mickey's through out the night, which was quite fun! 

10 . 19. 2019

Tracy & Naz's Outdoor Wedding

These two said vows to one another and sealed it all with the exchanging of rings and a kiss before walking hand in hand down the aisle as Kermit the Frog sang serenaded them into their reception.


 I seriously had the most fun with these love birds and I couldn't be happier for them! Here is to Tracy and Naz!