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For Valentine's Day this year, I am turning to my Cinematic fam who would love some unique, creative, adventurous and spontaneous portraits of you and your soon to be spouse!

This offer is only for 2 couples who are madly in love and willing to get cuddly and candid during their engagement session!

And as always, this one of a kind engagement experience is completely and totally FREE! Come again?! YES, 100% free 😍

Why? Because why not?! I am getting married in 9 days and I want to spread the love this February. (me and the boo 👉🏼)


I typically don't really care for Valentines Day because I feel like we shouldn't just show our love on one day in particular, but what the hell?! This year I wanna show you all the love! 


I want to hear about you and your soon to be spouse. Share the love!

If you want to spread the love this year and get the chance to win a free engagement, share who you gave your heart too. Attach your favorite picture of you and your boo and share how you fell in love!! I'm talking sappy, love stories y'all!! 😍😘 


I can not wait to hear from y'all! I will be in touch soon to announce the winners by email! 🎉





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