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Valery & Alex's Civic Center Engagement Session

10 . 6. 2019

Early on a Sunday morning, I met up with Valery and Alex at the Scottsdale Civic center for their engagement session. The two of them came up from the parking garage holding hands and talking quietly between themselves. They seemed a little timid but Valery introduced herself with a hug which I very much welcomed because I am personal a hugger on almost every occasion. I shook Alex's hand and then we jumped into their session after a small amount of small talk. 

Valery shared with me that they had gone on a date to the civic center and saw the "LOVE" sculpture about 6 years ago so it was a wonderful little surprise to come back and take their engagement photos there. I couldn't have agreed more! 

She also shared with me that she and Alex have been madly in love for 10 years, surviving high school and college together and now are finally getting married! Yay!! 😍

As the sun rose and brightened up our morning, we ventured around the civic center, stopping to take photos in front of the water fountains, taking little walks in and around a small garden area and stopped to smell the roses, or flowers I should say. 

They both snuggled up close, showing off how madly in love they really are! 

Once the sun had really come up, we walked back to the "LOVE" sculpture to where our engagement session had begun except now this time it was properly lit and much better to photograph. They popped up next to it and snuggled in for a few final snaps. 

It was quite fitting to start and finish their session in front of the "LOVE" sculpture because they are very much in love and fully deserving of sharing it with everyone! 

Here is to Valery and Alex and this life long adventure they are on together! I couldn't be happier for the two of them!