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Yesenia and Adam are an adorable couple from Tucson! When I first spoke with Yesenia, she told me a little bit about she and Adam met, and let me tell you, it's perfect. In her words, " after an hour of being on the app Adam messaged me. He messaged me saying "Your like the female version of me...except way better looking...honestly I love every single one of your interests" I said " Really? Soul mate? ♡_♡" He said " I think so lol". The rest is history." 

I mean come on?! How cute are they? 

While thinking of places for their engagement shoot, she mentioned, "Adam and I like out of the ordinary ideas and going all out. We like pushing the boundaries and being different. So we would love a unique place." So began the search for the perfect spot. I had originally found the Domes of Casa Grande, but it didn't work out so she found the Sasco Hotel, which ended up being perfect. 

In the desert between Phoenix and Tucson, we drove off the paved road into the middle of literal nowhere and there stands the ruins of the Sasco Hotel. It matched their vibe perfectly. Yesenia said their wedding was going to be themed as "goth meets glam" and they showed up true to that saying. Yesenia stunned in a long black lace dress and Adam looked dapper in all black with skull suspenders. 

10 . 30. 2019

Yesenia & Adam's Engagement at the Sasco Hotel

The surrounding desert lit up throughout their session while we goofed off, got a little sassy and played around with a smoke bomb. These two truly knew how to have a good time and I had such a blast getting to know them more and photograph their engagement. 

They two lovebirds will be tying the knot back in their home state of Chicago in 2021 and I couldn't be happier for them! To Yesenia and Adam!

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