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About me

Always a strange topic for me, but here we go! 

As you already know, my name is Elizabeth and I am a wedding photographer here in Arizona. But that is surface level, so let's get a little more familiar. 

Some personal factoids about myself. I have recently entered into my 3rd decade and am loving it. I am an avid crossfit junkie so whenever I am not working I am usually at my gym. When I have the free time I am also outside where ever there is water. I love to paddle board, or go on hikes in search of waterfalls. Fun fact, I am a true Arizonian born and raised here in this desert state. I'm always told I am one of the few 😂 

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let's go a little deeper. For pretty much as long as I can remember, I have loved video and film. When my parents recognized my love for this medium, my dad let me use his old school cassette tape video camera for all of my weird little skits and shows that my sister and I created. As I grew up, my passion remained for capturing every moment I could that was happening in my life. I love the idea of getting to play it back and relive it all right there in a new moment or have the ability to scroll through the literal thousands of photos I have captured.

Jump to today, and I have been pursing wedding photography as a business for going on 6 years. When I started back in 2017, I don't think I pictured where I am. I have gotten the chance to travel to places I never imagined for business and pleasure and I have met some of the most amazing humans along the way. 


I am someone who is in love with the chaos of a wedding day and the long hours of editing. Someone who is immensely grateful to have been a part of some many couples weddings. Someone who wears more than just the hat of a photographer but the hat of a planner, of a bustler, of a time manager, of a business owner, of a friend, and many more. 

Elizabeth was really wonderful to work with and made such a impact on our special day. One of my favorite parts of working with Elizabeth was how easy she was to communicate with. We used her for our engagement photos and our wedding photos so we were in touch for nearly a year and she was also so responsive and kind during the planning process. She truly cares about making sure your vision is captured on your wedding day. Would highly recommend!



A + J

Interested in more?

A little more about me

What is your favorite place to visit?

My family cabin in Michigan!! It is tiny with no wifi, no A/C or heating besides a stone fireplace, and sits on a magical lake called Walloon. It is my paradise! 

What is your favorite season?

Hands down, fall and winter! Here in AZ we don't get the 4 seasons, but there is something special about how fall and winter feel here. I'm a sucker for snow and cold weather though, so I'd love to eventually live in a place with 4 seasons! 🍁☃️

What I love most about my job?

Every single one of you! I get to meet tons of amazing people, photograph them on one of their most special and memorable days and provide them with photos to last a life time! Who wouldn't love be a wedding photographer?! Y'all make it all worth it, for real!! 🙌🏼

If I could give newly engaged couples one piece of advice...

Take it all in. With all of the planning, your actual wedding day will go faster than a blink. Be present in the quiet moments and take conscious moments to really take your wedding day in during the chaos. And while you are planning, have FUN! It can be too serious sometimes, so pause, hug your soon to be spouse and laugh! Trust me. 😉 

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