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What is Boudoir?

To me, boudoir is anything you want it to be and that might sound like an "easy way out" kind of answer, but I truly mean it.


When you get the chance to have a boudoir session, you truly get to express another side of who you are. It takes a lot of confidence to step in front of a camera, to embrace that sexy, sultry, beautifully complex, authentically unique, YOU, and I am here to capture that very side of you.


During a boudoir session with me, it is my number one goal to make you feel the best you possibly can. These sessions can be nerve wracking, and that is totally ok! You've got this babe!!


Something fun to look forward to is a curated Boudoir Babes playlist to have some empowering music going on in the background. We can dance it up, pout those lips and embrace the moment!


I walk you through a lot of different poses, where to place your hands, your feet, your hair and sometimes even the best way to breathe so that you are at your best!


Throughout the entire session you will hear me saying "yes babe!" "damn you a hottie!" "that's the pose!" "You are a GODDESS!!!" And I truly mean it all! I will be your biggest hype women during the time we are photographing together because deep down in my soul, I believe that everyone should feel their most empowered and have it reflected back in an image that they can look at for years and years. Some of my most cherished photos are those I have taken during my own self portrait boudoir sessions. Now it's your turn 🖤🤍


“You know you are going to have a good photoshoot when the photographer calls you a goddess and means it. If you are anything like me, you can easily compliment other people one minute and completely tear yourself down the next. Doing a boudoir shoot with Elizabeth is an amazing way to remind yourself that you are always enough, that you are beautiful, sexy, and powerful. Whatever that inner critic is telling you right now, it’s lying. You will not regret taking the time to celebrate you exactly as you are.”

Collection three

30 minute session

2 outfit changes

studio fee included

online gallery


Collection two

1 hour session

3 outfit changes

studio fee included

online gallery


Collection one

2 hour session

3-4 outfit changes

studio fee included

makeup included

online gallery



8x8 print album $150


8x10 print $100


custom prints $60-120


make up starting at $150

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